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Online Specials

Injury Consultation

Spring Chiropractic offers FREE injury consultations to those affected by personal injury, slip & fall injury, or motor vehicle accidents. Many injured simply do not know the auto insurance protocals, state laws, or regulations you must navigate after an accident; so, getting a straight answer to a question or two is always helpful and well received. Contact the Spring Chiropractic office " within two weeks " after a motor vehicle accident or Slip & fall injury and we'll be happy to answer all of your questions. Call Spring Chiropractic today at (904) 276-5525 for your free injury consultation.

Massage Therapy

Spring Chiropractic & Massage employs a full time licensed massage therapist. There are 30 minute, 60 minute, and 90 minute professional therapeutic massages available to soothe sore muscles and regain mobility of your joints. Purchase a packages of "6" 1-Hour massages and receive 10% off the retail price. Purchase a packages of "12" 1-Hour massages and receive 20% off the retail price. Quality care is not cheap and cheap care seldom offers quality, but these package specials are truly the best of both. Call Spring Chiropractic today at (904) 276 - 5525 to schedule your professional massage and experience truly amazing stress relief.

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