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HeadacheHeadaches are common in our fast paced and pressure-filled world. There are many causes of headaches: emotional stress, physical stress, physical trauma (small or large), chemical toxins, and/or nutritional deficiencies. Research has proven that 78% of headaches are neck related or bio-mechanical in nature.

All too often, we turn to traditional medicine or side-effect-ridden over the counter drugs to relieve our headache discomfort. Unfortunately, most medications only mask the underlying sources of pain by dulling the senses without addressing the real cause of the pain. Common sense states that headaches are not caused by a lack of aspirin. Numerous case studies have shown that a combination of chiropractic adjustments and lifestyle changes can stop, eliminate or dramatically reduce the frequency and intensity of most headaches by removing the cause of the pain. Releasing the tension from the neck and head with safe and effective Chiropractic is always the best choice and the best place to start for headache relief.

headache diagram

Clinical research has consistently shown that when various cervical spine joints mis-align, due to injury or poor posture, irritated nerves can cause neck muscles to constrict around blood vessels altering blood flow to the brain or other important structures. Further research conducted in the middle 1990's discovered a connective tissue bridge between the dura mater (tissue sac surrounding the brain/spinal cord) and two sets of sub-occipital or upper cervical neck muscles. The MRI enhanced image 'pictured right' shows this muscle-dura connection. Simply put, when the 1st or 2nd cervical (spinal) vertebrae are out of alignment the rectus capitus posterior minor and/or major often spasm. The muscles then may pull on the dura stressing the spinal cord, brain stem and brain resulting in headache. Restoring health and balance to these important structures is needed to remove the source of most headaches.

It is also important to know that if you've suffered from chronic headaches for years, improvement may take time. Rehabilitating the joints of the neck or correcting the curve of the neck is similar to applying braces or orthodontics to the teeth. And a visit to our office is a great place to start. After your initial examination, we will determine if chiropractic care is the best alternative for treating your type of headache. Every headache has a cause, and if we are unable to identify the cause or if your headache is not bio-mechanical, we will refer you to another specialist who may be able to help.

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